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Alarm rings, you roll out of bed; head to the mirror, and to your surprise you have an unexpected guest glaring back at you; a hickey.
Right on the side of your neck, in plain view, you have this huge, dark blob stained there. You rub it hard, hoping that it’s just some dirt or smudge that will wash away; but no luck.
That hickey is there and it is there to stay. So now what? You can’t rewind time and stop that special someone from making a vampire feast of your neck. So, how do you deal with a hickey?
First, let’s figure out what a hickey actually is. According to, a hickey is really a bruise that is created by someone sucking the skin into their mouth. The red or brown round mark is created by breakage of the blood vessels in the neck.
Also, it only takes 30 seconds to give someone a hickey. So the only way to completely avoid getting hickeys is to push Edward Cullen off your neck and stop letting people suck the blood out of it. But we all know that sometimes we get caught up in the moment and things happen. So there are simple tricks to avoid being marked.
First, try aiming below the collar bone if you are going to be sucking one another’s skin. This makes it so much easier to hide the marks without having to overdress or put a lot of energy into hiding your hickeys. Another trick is to move around a lot, so that you don’t focus on one specific area. This makes it a lot harder to receive or give a hickey. But in case it happens, here’s what you can do. has a step-by-step guide to deal with hickeys. First, put ice on the area for about 10 minutes, in order to reduce the swelling and blood flow. The next day, apply heat to the area for about 10-15 minutes. This will help blood recycle faster and help speed up the healing process. While doing this, place ice on the hickey after the heat to avoid the heat making the hickey swell.
Other tips include rubbing it with a cold spoon, massaging it with the bristles on a brush and using a nub of a pen to massage the area in a circular motion. Unfortunately, these things will only help speed up healing, which takes time, so we need to hide our marks until they heal.
During the winter, it is much easier to disguise yourself with turtlenecks, scarfs and jackets. In the spring, heavy clothes will look a bit awkward and probably cause you some discomfort. So if you intend to be getting a lot of hickeys, I would invest in some make-up.
A hickey is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. If you want to show off your hickey to the world and not worry about hiding it, more power to you. A hickey is a sign of affection, something many of us look for. And although this may contradict the point of this article, a hickey should never make you feel you need to hide.
If someone ever gives you a hard time about having one, and calls you something cruel, ignore them. Because when you got that hickey, you were having a good time and you were happy. That happiness shouldn’t go away just because there is a slight blemish on your neck.